August 1, 2018

GiveOut Trustee and public affairs expert Iain Anderson marked his 50th birthday at the end of May with a celebration for friends, family and colleagues at The Ivy in Covent Garden, London. In honour of his commitment to the LGBTQI movement, he asked attendees to contribute to GiveOut.

“Resources for LGBTQI causes worldwide are scarce and I was proud to have my birthday celebrations contribute to the movement ,” Iain said. “I hope this will inspire more people to fundraise for GiveOut in new and creative ways, and of course, to donate!”

The event was a great success and the money raised will go towards providing much-needed resources for the global LGBTQI movement.

Evan Doyle, one of GiveOut’s founding team members and now Country Support Manager for HIV Prevention at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, also dedicated his birthday celebrations in June to GiveOut .

Evan said, "GiveOut make it easy for people like you and me to donate to the global cause with confidence that our money will go straight to where it’s needed most. I’m proud to say they’re quickly establishing themselves as a go-to organisation for getting money to the frontline of LGBTQI activism."

GiveOut would like to thank Iain and Evan for their incredible fundraising efforts.


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