DONOR Spotlight: camm and hooper

GiveOut supporters and team celebrating the launch of the Emerald 50 Fund at Camm and Hooper’s Six Storeys venue.  Photo: GiveOut

GiveOut supporters and team celebrating the launch of the Emerald 50 Fund at Camm and Hooper’s Six Storeys venue. Photo: GiveOut

GiveOut is proudly supported by events company Camm and Hooper who specialise in delivering exceptional events, while providing the best service they possibly can - from talented in-house catering to an expert production team, they are dedicated to making every event perfect.

Their Six Storeys venue in the heart of vibrant Soho, is an award-winning location, which in 2018 won the Best Private Dining Venue HireSpace Awards and the Bronze winner for Best New Or Refurbished Venue London Venue Awards. 

It is against this backdrop that Camm and Hooper have generously provided GiveOut with free event space and delicious food and beverages, all of which allows GiveOut to host fundraising dinners where 100% of donations go directly towards supporting LGBTQI activism. The venue – spread across six floors, each with a unique atmosphere – offers the perfect setting for GiveOut to host events for its community of supporters.

Camm and Hooper’s support has been invaluable in helping GiveOut to develop a community of supporters and activists, an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQI activism without donations going towards the cost of hosting events, but instead funding the LGBTQI human rights movement directly.

To celebrate this one-year partnership, GiveOut’s Claire Tunnacliffe sat down with Camm and Hooper’s Fae Vincent to discuss their relationship with GiveOut and what LGBTQI activism means to businesses like theirs.

What is your role with Camm and Hooper?

I am the Head of Learning & Development and Chair of the Charity Committee, where we pull together ideas and decide on the direction Camm and Hooper's charity support is going to take. 

Being inclusive means making clear that diversity is encouraged and differences are celebrated.

Why did you want to partner with GiveOut?

Despite encouraging progress, a lot remains to be done to achieve LGBTQI human rights worldwide and GiveOut are enabling incredible activists to accomplish this. Camm and Hooper's greatest pride is the extraordinary people in our teams. There's so much passion, love and empathy alongside the brilliance and it was their call, championed by our Director of Sales (Darren Hart), to instigate a relationship supporting GiveOut.

What support have you provided to GiveOut in the last year? How do you see a partnership developing further?

The Six Storeys team sporting their Pride T-shirts, the profits from which go directly to GiveOut.  Photo: Camm and Hooper

The Six Storeys team sporting their Pride T-shirts, the profits from which go directly to GiveOut. Photo: Camm and Hooper

Our primary support for GiveOut is through curating events in our iconic London venues. This provides GiveOut with a place to network, hold talks with activists, celebrate and thank their supporters.

We are very excited to be hosting Dancing Queen, our first public event with GiveOut, on 25 August and their logo can now be seen throughout our Soho venue alongside a QR code giving every guest who visits Six Storeys the opportunity to donate. We even have a few remaining Six Storeys Pride t-shirts for sale, the proceeds of which are donated to GiveOut.

What is the role of businesses like yours in supporting LGBTQI human rights?

At Camm and Hooper we believe that implementing non-discrimination policies beyond minimum legal requirements is paramount, being inclusive means more than just obeying the law. Being inclusive means making clear diversity is encouraged and that differences are celebrated.

Dedicating resources to support LGBTQI rights outside the workplace is also something we feel very passionate about as an organisation. My favourite of Camm and Hooper's key values is to make sure that “We Look After Everyone”.


Dancing Queen: Disco for LGBTQI Rights

Dancing Queen photo 1-01.png

Do things a little differently on the August Bank Holiday weekend and join GiveOut on Sunday 25th for an evening of disco, cocktails and celebration for LGBTQI human rights.
Starting from 6pm, come and dance on Six Storeys’ iconic dance floor to some timeless tunes, and hear more about the important work of GiveOut, in Soho - the LGBTQI heart of London. There will be classic dancefloor favourites, as well as a signature GiveOut cocktail and canapés to enjoy.

Venue: 11 Soho Square, Soho, London W1D 3QE
Time: 25th August 2019 from 6 pm to midnight.
Ticketing: Free entry!

Since summer 2018, Camm and Hooper have been supporting GiveOut in the global struggle for LGBTQI human rights. Our mission is to provide activists and their organisations with more of the resources they need to defend their communities and campaign for change. With their support, Camm and Hooper have been providing valuable free event space, delicious food and beverages, as well as fundraising through their networks. To mark this one-year anniversary, Dancing Queen is an opportunity to celebrate the partnership between Camm and Hooper and GiveOut.

Join us for an evening of celebration and community building, and find out how you can support the global struggle for LGBTQI human rights.

Ways to support GiveOut through Camm and Hooper:

10% discount for GiveOut supporters

Camm and Hooper is extending their generosity and support to GiveOut supporters by offering them a 10% discount on events.  

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Donate by thumb

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If you’re having a drink or dining at Six Storeys, Camm and Hooper’s iconic Soho venue, you can donate directly to GiveOut by scanning a QR code on your phone. Using this quick, easy and secure donation system, you can help to support the global struggle for LGBTQI human rights whilst enjoying the unique atmosphere of the Six Storeys venue in the heart of vibrant Soho.



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GiveOut is a charity registered in the UK with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1176434).