GiveOut enables individual donors to give through a single platform to support LGBTQI causes worldwide. Our grants reflect the diversity of the global LGBTQI movement. Using the donations we receive, GiveOut will provide grants to activists and their organisations working around the world to improve the lives of LGBTQI people.

We are in the process of developing our grant-making policy and procedure. The grant recipients below form part of our test portfolio. We are not yet in a position to accept proposals for funding.

GiveOut is proud to be a member of:




Location: Southeast Asia

Focus: Grassroots LGBTQI groups


There are currently major concerns in the global LGBTQI movement around the provision and protection of rights for gender and sexual minorities in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, for example, the situation for LGBTQI people is worsening, with raids on LGBTQI gatherings, proposals to criminalise same sex relations in a revised Criminal Code and the establishment of anti-LGBTQI task forces.

ASEAN SOGIE Caucus supports activists with less access to resources and opportunities for training by providing small activity grants for seminars, workshops and trainings, and GiveOut’s funding will go to the ASC’s Supporting Capacity of Local LGBTIQ Activists initiative. Under the project, ASC provides financial and technical support to local activists working across Southeast Asia. After a 15-day application window, ASC received 38 eligible applications. Of these, ASC selected five organisations to support from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.

The funded projects include:

  • Indonesia: A project to provide support to transgender women and their families in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, who have faced stigma and discrimination in their communities;

  • Malaysia: The establishment of an interactive network of parents and family members of LGBTQI people and various events and training sessions on intersectionality, advocacy and peer support;

  • Malaysia: A project empowering the transgender community by understanding their rights in the Sharia Law of Malaysia, including a series of learning sessions involving Muslim transgender people and the sensitisation of allies;

  • Philippines: A programme taking place in the economically disadvantaged Loyola Heights in Quezon City, Philippines, which will include data gathering on issues facing the community, training for family acceptance and diversity, and a “participatory video documentation” to capture the messages of family members and allies; and

  • Vietnam: The creation of a class of 25 students aged 16 to 25 to learn about gender, human rights and sexual diversity, and a public information campaign to promote knowledge about LGBTIQ issues, all focused in the province of Tay Ninh.

Your donation will help the ASEAN SOGIE Caucus to build the regional movement and to advocate for equality, dignity and human rights for LGBTQI minorities. Follow the link to donate:

Centre for Law and Policy Research


Location: India

Focus: Legal representation and policy reform for the trans community


In partnership with Akkai Padmashali and other trans activists, CLPR helped litigate on behalf of the trans community in India in the Section 337 proceedings that ended in the landmark Supreme Court ruling decriminalising same-sex relations. In India, hijras – a community which includes trans and intersex people – face forced back-alley castrations, sexual violence, humiliation and homelessness, and are often coerced into sex work. GiveOut’s grant will go towards CLPR’s core costs, allowing it to continue its work providing free legal representation to trans people across India. 

Coalition for Sexual & Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)

Middle East.png

Location: MENA/Southeast Asia

Focus: Amplifying voices through digital storytelling


CSBR is a network advocating internationally on behalf of their communities in Muslim societies. As a network, their focus is on connecting their member organisations and encouraging the interaction of faith-based organisations with bodily and sexual rights advocates. GiveOut’s grant will support CSBR’s core costs and the “Stories of Faith & Sexuality” programme, which aims to strengthen activists’ skills and confidence and to build cross-movement solidarity. 



Location: Sri Lanka

Focus: Decriminalisation of consensual sex-same relations


LGBTQI people in Sri Lanka face discrimination at every level of society, with the Penal Code criminalising same-sex identities. But there is a window of opportunity, following recent Indian and Caribbean rulings, to decriminalise same-sex relations in Sri Lanka. GiveOut will support Equal Ground as it implements a research-based social awareness campaign to change public opinion towards LGBTQI people and pave the way for decriminalisation of same sex relations. This is expected to be a muti-year decriminalisation campaign and we are proud to offer donors the opportunity to support it. 

LGBTI Equal Rights Association for West Balkans & Turkey (ERA)


Location: Western Balkans and Turkey

Focus: Summit and training workshop to empower trans activists


The Western Balkans and Turkey is a hostile region for trans communities: trans people are not protected in law or policy, 80% of trans people have experienced discrimination or harassment in the last 12 months (compared to 49% of LGBT people overall) and over half of trans people have encountered violence. GiveOut is providing a grant to ERA to organise a three-day summit and training workshop designed to empower activists to better represent and advocate on behalf of trans communities. 



Location: Iraq and Kurdistan

Focus: Knowledge production and international advocacy on behalf of LGBTQI communities


Legal prejudice and societal stigma against the LGBTQI community make being out in Iraq dangerous, with LGBTQI people facing harassment, violence and even death. IraQueer sees ignorance, and a lack of visibility and effective advocacy as the main obstacles to LGBTQI acceptance. GiveOut’s grant will support IraQueer’s knowledge production project, including an online audio-visual-book of LGBTQI stories and the continuation of its radio podcast, which has so far attracted 6 million listeners. 


ITF banner.png

Location: International

Focus: Making grants to trans-led activists organisations around the world; helping to develop the global trans movement


The ITF is a “participatory grant-making fund made up of trans activists and donors.” It is well established and highly respected in the global trans movement, and it has the capacity and the mechanism to make grants efficiently, effectively and legitimately.

The ITF supports organisations under the following thematic areas:

  • Community mobilisation

  • LGR

  • Organisational strengthening

  • Research and documentation

  • Health

  • Peer support

  • Legal support

  • Legal and policy change

  • Detention monitoring 

OutRight Action International

Advocacy Week 1.jpg

Location: New York City, USA

Focus: Bringing activists to New York for UN Advocacy Week


OutRight Action International hosts global LGBTQI activists every December at the UN in New York for ‘Advocacy Week’, for high-level meetings and advocacy. GiveOut’s grant will support activists to participate in Advocacy Week, working with country missions and other activists, to engage decision-makers about the human rights situation of LGBTQI people around the world. 


India copy.png

Location: India

Focus: Fellowship programme for grassroots activists


Following the landmark Supreme Court ruling decriminalising same-sex relations in India, there is an opportunity to advocate for changes in the law to provide additional protections for LGBTQI people. Originally established to meet the needs of the growing HIV+ population in India, SAATHII is expanding its focus to support human rights activism. GiveOut’s grant will support SAATHII in establishing its first LGBTQI activist fellowship programme, to empower grassroots advocacy at the local level.


The Other Foundation.jpg

Location: Southern Africa

Focus: Advancing and protecting the human rights of LGBTQI Southern Africans


Despite the difficult situation for LGBTQI Southern Africans, there are signs of progress and hope. The Other Foundation is an African trust that provides grants to groups working to defend and advance the human rights of LGBTQI people in Southern Africa, recognising the particular dynamics of race, poverty and inequality, sex, national origin, heritage, and politics in the region. GiveOut is providing a core grant to The Other Foundation. 



Location: Tonga

Focus: Visibility, destigmatisation and regional advocacy on behalf of the Tongan trans community


Leitis are a community of gender non-confirming people in Tonga, who are often shunned and even face incarceration. Tonga’s Civil Offences Act criminalises cross-dressing and sodomy, which both carry prison sentences of up to 10 years. GiveOut’s grant will support the Tonga Leitis Association to continue their national awareness raising and regional advocacy work, including sending a representative to the Pacific Islands Forum to argue for ending LGBTQI discrimination and criminalisation. 



Location: Jamaica

Focus: Trans and gender non-conforming communities in Jamaica


It is well documented that trans issues remain an underfunded area of LGBTQI charity and advocacy work. As part of GiveOut’s commitment to providing funds across the global LGBTQI movement, we believe that support for TransWave will help to fund an inadequately financed part of the global movement. 

TransWave is a Jamaican advocacy organisation focusing on trans and gender non-conforming issues. Established in 2015, it is Jamaica’s first non-profit organisation solely dedicated to focusing on promoting the health and wellbeing of the transgender and gender non-conforming communities.

Their programme areas include:

  • Legal gender recognition

  • Non-discriminatory and gender-affirming healthcare

  • Access to affordable transition-related healthcare

They also have a health and wellbeing programme, TransActive, for trans men and women, and a monthly support group for members of the local transgender and gender non-conforming communities.

We're very happy and excited to be receiving this grant from GiveOut. We are pleased that GiveOut sees the work we're doing and have given us the opportunity to access funding that allows us to carry out much needed advocacy. - Neish McLean, Co-Founder of TransWave

Your donation will have a real impact on the lives of trans and gender non-conforming people. Follow the link to donate:

United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS)


Location: The Caribbean

Focus: Trans and gender non-conforming communities across the Caribbean


Across the Caribbean, trans people face discrimination and widespread physical and sexual violence. But the trans movement is disconnected, offering few opportunities to share learning and best practices in the fight for visibility and acceptance. GiveOut is providing a grant to support group of activists from across the Caribbean establish the United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS), which aims to unite the national trans movements and work to advance human rights, promote sexual and reproductive health, and increase the wellbeing of trans people in the region.



Location: East and Central Africa

Focus: Grant-making and movement building across the region


UHAI-EASHRI, the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, is an activist-led fund for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities, based in Eastern and Central Africa. GiveOut is providing a core grant to UHAI, as the organisation provides vital support to the pan-African movement for equality and dignity through participatory grant-making, capacity building, convening support, advocacy, knowledge building and documentation.

In previous funding rounds, UHAI’s work has helped to support:

  • The documentation of human rights violations against sex workers in Kenya

  • HIV service provision carried out by organisations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

  • Security support for a drop-in centre to ensure protection from violence around elections in Kenya

  • Hosting dialogue meetings in northern Uganda on gender-based violence against LBQ women and sex workers with state and clan leaders and police


M & Z.jpg
Commonwealth .png

Locations: The Commonwealth, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago

Focus: LGBTQI discrimination and community-building


Amplifying the voices of activists doing vital work for their local LGBTQI communities is a central part of GiveOut's mission. 35 of the 53 Commonwealth member states criminalise same-sex activity. With the support of GiveOut donors, two LGBTQI activist members of The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) participated in the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London. By attending CHOGM, Melusi Simelane, Zeleca Julien and other activists like them had a meaningful impact on the discrimination faced by LGBTQI people across the Commonwealth. 

Melusi Simelane is Communications & Advocacy Officer at Rock of Hope, an organisation working towards the creation of an inclusive society that enables the highest quality of life for minorities and LGBTQI individuals in Swaziland, free from stigma and discrimination. Rock of Hope works mainly in health advocacy in Swaziland and recently had the opportunity to contribute to the UPR (Universal Period Review) of the United Nations Human Rights Council. As well as health, Rock of Hope's focus is now on policy reform, sensitisation and community mobilisation. 

A big thank you to GiveOut for their support. I am a great believer in the idea, ‘We all do better when we all do better!’ We cannot achieve anything on our own. - Melusi

Zeleca Julien is the Chairperson of I Am One, an organisation that works around building community and providing safe spaces, education and expressive platforms of empowerment for LGBT people in Trinidad and Tobago. I Am One uses art, culture and research as tools to connect with individuals on all levels of community building. Their national and regional projects such as Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival, The King Conference and the ‘Your Story’ Research Project directly engage with community in necessary and important ways. 

The Pride Arts Festival provides a safe place for hundreds of people to interact, share ideas and build sustainable community. The ‘Your Story’ is key in understanding specific needs, identifying gaps and analyzing possible trends in our community, especially now that the sexual indecency laws were deemed unconstitutional. The King Show and Conference focus on trans masculinity and stud culture, which is heavily under researched and discussed in the Caribbean. I Am One has been, on the whole, self-funded since it incorporated in 2014, and although their projects have survived with limited resources, this greatly limits their capacity and production. Funding can greatly assist them in building a sustainable community.

I Am One very much appreciates getting the opportunity to come to London and participate in CHOGM. It is very important that LGBT organizations from the Global South are a part of these conversations and meetings of inclusive development. I attended government and civil society meetings, as well as presented in the Keynote Session of the Women’s Forum as part of I Am One’s work with The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN). Thank you GiveOut and your donors for supporting I Am One and we look forward to a continued relationship. - Zeleca

The grant was managed by Kaleidoscope Trust, which is a founding member of The Commonwealth Equality Network and acts as its Secretariat. The Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) is an initiative comprising 46 NGOs in 44 countries working collectively to champion equality and inclusion for LGBT people across the Commonwealth. Significantly, it is the only LGBT organisation officially accredited by the Commonwealth. 

Your donation will go towards supporting activists and advocates having a tangible impact on an international level. Follow the link to donate: