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Rosanna Flamer-Caldera (left), Alison McFadyen (centre) and Dr Michaela Muscat (right)

January 31, 2019

(LONDON)— GiveOut, the award-winning charity raising funds for LGBTQI human rights activism around the world, has appointed three new trustees to its Board.

The new trustees are Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, a leading Sri Lankan LGBTQI human rights advocate, Alison McFadyen, head of internal audit at Standard Chartered Bank, and Dr Michaela Muscat, a diplomat at the High Commission of Malta in the UK.

"Governance is so important to the sustainability and quality of the work we are doing.  We are absolutely delighted to welcome Rosanna, Alison and Michaela onto our Board. They each bring a hugely valuable combination of skills and experience to GiveOut," said Elliot Vaughn, GiveOut’s founder and chair.

"They share GiveOut's ambition to create a new and sustainable source of funding for the global LGBTQI movement and are committed to helping us build on a successful first year."

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To arrange interviews and for more information, please contact Callum Jackson, Grant-making and Communications Officer, at or on +44 7885 705170.


Rosanna Flamer-Caldera is the founder and Executive Director of EQUAL GROUND (@_EQUALGROUND_), the only mixed LGBTQI organisation pursuing LGBTQI rights as part of the larger human rights framework in Sri Lanka. Rosanna served two terms as Co-Secretary General for the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA) and is the current Chair of the Commonwealth Equality Network. She was a recipient of the Utopia Award 2005. More recently, she was awarded the Zonta Women of Achievement 2017 Award for Social Impact. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Pink News Award for Campaigner of the Year and the APCOM Community Hero award. Rosanna is also an advisor to the Urgent Action Fund (Asia).

Alison McFadyen has been Group Head, Internal Audit at Standard Chartered Bank since 1 January 2016, based in London. Prior to this role, Alison was in New York, responsible for the Bank’s Supervisory Remediation Programme. Alison joined Standard Chartered in 1999 and has held several senior leadership roles including Chief Executive Officer, Jersey, Head of Governance Middle East, Europe, Africa and Americas and Chief Operating Officer, Private Banking. Alison is a keen supporter of the Goal programme, which is aimed at empowering adolescent girls from low-income communities with the skills they need to make informed life choices. She is also a member of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council at Standard Chartered Bank. 

Dr Michaela Muscat (@MicaMuscat) is the Government of Malta's Representative to the International Maritime Organisation, a UN Agency. She also sits on the Malta-UK Business Taskforce, advising the Maltese Prime Minister on Brexit and Malta's strategy as a foreign direct investment destination. Michaela is passionately committed to promoting Malta's LGBTQI legislation, with the country currently ranked first internationally in ILGA's rainbow index. The emerging correlation between Malta's economic growth and its progressive social model is one of her principle interests and causes. She first moved to London as a Commonwealth Doctoral Scholar at the London School of Economics and has also worked in journalism and is a regular on Maltese media.

GiveOut (@GiveOut_Org, is a UK-based charity raising funds for LGBTQI human rights activism worldwide, ensuring that activists and their organisations have more of the resources they need to defend their communities and campaign for change. The organisation enables individual donors to give tax efficiently in one place to support a broad portfolio of activist-led country, regional and international organisations. Registered in the UK with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1176434), GiveOut won the 2018 Third Sector Award for ‘Breakthrough of the Year’.


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GiveOut is a charity registered in the UK with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1176434).