After a whirlwind Pride period, take a look at GiveOut’s latest newsletter, which includes impact updates from a selection of our grant partners, news of our new AMPLIFUND partnership with Gay Times and an article on being the first charity partner for the OUTstanding lists. There is also a lovely centre spread celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, in which our partners, supporters and team reflect on LGBTQI human rights activism today.


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25 July 2019

As part of the Pride in London celebrations on 6 July, the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) generously sponsored GiveOut to host ‘Out on the Roof’, an exclusive rooftop brunch at Malta’s High Commission in central London.


10 July 2019

Last week, GiveOut hosted a dinner with The Other Foundation to celebrate the Emerald 50 Fund, established by Steve Wardlaw and his insurance company Emerald Life to fundraise for grassroots LGBTQI activism across Southern Africa.

The event was sponsored by the events company Camm & Hooper, and was held at their incredible Six Storeys venue in Soho, London.

The evening brought together friends and supporters of GiveOut, business professionals and LGBTQI activists, to celebrate the Emerald 50 Fund and learn about The Other Foundation, which works to advance respect for LGBTQI human rights across Southern Africa.


28 July 2019

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a key moment in the struggle for LGBTQI liberation.

On 28 June 1969, in response to a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, New York City, the LGBTQI community demonstrated against police brutality, homophobia, transphobia and inequality in American society.

50 years since the Stonewall riots, we asked our partners, supporters and team to reflect on the anniversary, their own activism and LGBTQI human rights today.


20 June 2019

Nominations have opened for the 7th annual global OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists celebrating business leaders who are driving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.

Despite progress within many companies, LGBT+ professionals are still experiencing obstacles in their careers. The OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists showcase and celebrate the LGBT+ and ally senior executives and the leaders of tomorrow who are working to combat these obstacles, break down barriers and drive diversity. 

While business is making progress, there is still so much work to do globally for LGBT+ rights. This year INvolve are delighted to announce GiveOut as the official charity partner for the OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists 2019.


15 June 2019

LGBT+ media organisation, Gay Times, announce new initiative, Amplifund to support LGBT+ media and activism around the world and amplify queer voices to global audiences.

Guests included LGBT+ activists Munroe BergdorfAmir Ashour and Glenroy Murray as well as community and industry leaders and other famous faces including Dr Ranj Singh and Harris Reed.


14 June 2019

Grey London has created the visual identity and launch poster campaign for AMPLIFUND – a philanthropic initiative led by global LGBTQ media organisation, Gay Times.

Launched by Tag Warner, Gay Times CEO, and in partnership with human rights charity GiveOut, AMPLIFUND is supporting LGBTQ activism in media to help increase the acceptance of LGBT communities around the world.


14 June 2019

Gay Times and GiveOut have announced a new philanthropic initiative, AMPLIFUND, which aims to support LGBTQ activists around the world in their campaigning and media work. The initiative was launched in the Benjamin West Theatre at The Royal Academy, London.

Under AMPLIFUND, grants will be provided to support LGBTQ activist groups. Two organisations, J-FLAG based in Jamaica and IraQueer in Iraq, will be amongst the first global partners to receive grants under AMPLIFUND. The initiative will be funded by Gay Times’ corporate partnerships, subscriptions and individual donations.


22 May 2019

London’s first live crowdfunding event supporting LGBT+ specific non-profits has raised over £25,000 for four innovative organisations.

City for LGBT+ was hosted at Macquarie’s London offices this week and was organised by TFN in collaboration with Consortium and Give Out.

The fundraising event began with a fireside chat with Lord Browne, former Chief Executive of BP and influential advocate of LGBT+ rights, in advance of the publication of his book ‘Make, Think, Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilisation’.


Glenroy Murray is an activist and legislative reform advocate from Kingston, Jamaica. He is an Advisor for J-FLAG, Jamaica’s foremost LGBTQI human rights and social justice organisation.

GiveOut’s Callum Jackson interviewed Glenroy on his journey to activism and the law. The publication of this interview coincides with IDAHOTB (the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia) 2019.


15 May 2019

Elliot Vaughn, founder and Chair of the award-winning LGBTQI human rights charity GiveOut, has been honoured by the UK Prime Minister with the Points of Light Award for his “inspirational work” founding the charity.

In a personal letter to Elliot, Prime Minister Theresa May said:

"Through ‘GiveOut’ you are providing a unique platform for people to donate to LGBT organisations outside the UK, helping distribute crucial donations to activists who are promoting equality across the globe. You should be extremely proud of what you have achieved, and I wish you the very best in your continued work.”

Elliot Vaughn said:

“I am passionate about helping members of our LGBTQI community to show their solidarity and support for brilliant LGBTQI advocates around the world. It’s such a special and unexpected honour to have the Prime Minister recognise the impact that GiveOut is having. I am deeply inspired by the courage and work of LGBTQI human rights advocates around the world and dedicate this award to them.” 


13 May 2019

OUTSPOKEN, the Philippines’ first LGBTQI talk show, provides a platform to discuss and raise awareness of LGBTQI issues. Episode 1 focuses on equality of representation in the media.


23 April 2019

The United Caribbean Trans Network (UCTRANS) is the first Caribbean initiative that will bring trans voices together to advocate on behalf of the Caribbean trans community. Supported by GiveOut under The Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund, the network’s remit will be to promote the protection and recognition of the human rights of trans people in the region.


18 April 2019

(LONDON) – GiveOut and Consortium stand in solidarity with LGBT+ communities in the U.S. and Australia as they celebrate Give OUT Day on Thursday 18 April 2019. The two UK-based charities plan to mark the national day of LGBT+ giving from 2020, to support the LGBT+ movement in the U.K. and internationally.


March 2019

We have got off to a flying start in 2019, having announced: three new trustees to further strengthen our governance, the new Emerald 50 Fund to support LGBTQI human rights activism in Southern Africa and a fundraiser to help re-establish ‘Rainbow House’ – the office space and LGBTQI community hub in Jamaica that was destroyed by fire at the end of 2018. We are also delighted to provide impact updates from a selection of our grant partners from around the world, with a cover story on a new film – which GiveOut supporters helped to fund – that aims to encourage understanding and acceptance of LGBTQI people in the Philippines’ Muslim-majority district of Mindanao.


13 March 2019

(LONDON)— GiveOut and J-FLAG, Jamaica’s leading LGBTQI human rights organisation, are fundraising in the UK to re-establish 'Rainbow House', the office space and LGBTQI community hub in Kingston, Jamaica that was destroyed by fire at the end of 2018.

Jamaica has been described as the “most homophobic place on Earth”, with J-FLAG receiving more than 250 reports of human rights violations against LGBTQI Jamaicans between 2011 and 2017. Notwithstanding this, attitudes are changing as a result of the work of J-FLAG and others, and the country celebrated its fourth annual Pride festival last year. 


2 March 2019

Emerald Life has launched the Emerald 50 Fund to help support LGBTQ communities in South Africa. The launch will see it support Across Chapter 2, which works with LGBTQ organisations in South Africa to help improve the lives of LGBTQ South Africans.

Although South Africa is one of the better African nations when it comes to LGBTQ equality, having legalised same-sex marriage back in 2006, there are still instances of homophobia.


2 March 2019

(LONDON)— March 2nd 2019 saw the ground-breaking insurance provider Emerald Life launch the Emerald 50 Fund: a new initiative established with the award-winning charity GiveOut to support grassroots LGBT+ activism across Southern Africa.


11 February 2019

Award-winning LGBTQI charity GiveOut and Diva Destinations, a leading LGBTQI travel company, today announced a new partnership.

Diva Destinations is encouraging its clients to support LGBTQI human rights activism around the world by donating to GiveOut and has pledged to match some of those donations.


31 January 2019

GiveOut has appointed three new trustees to its Board. The new trustees are Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, a leading Sri Lankan LGBTQI human rights advocate, Alison McFadyen, head of internal audit at Standard Chartered Bank, and Dr Michaela Muscat, a diplomat at the High Commission of Malta in the UK. They share GiveOut's ambition to create a new and sustainable source of funding for the global LGBTQI movement.


This year has seen key victories for LGBTQI rights, including the decriminalisation of same-sex relations in Trinidad and Tobago and India, and the World Health Organisation declassifying gender dysphoria as a mental illness. At the centre of these struggles – the thread connecting these victories – is the courage of LGBTQI activists around the world, defending their communities and campaigning for equality.

Click here to find out more about our incredible 2018.


14 December 2018

“Around the world, LGBTQ people face appalling human rights abuses for being themselves. Activists are fighting back but require resources to do so. With persecution in Indonesia, anti-gay ‘task forces’ in Tanzania, and a rising number of trans murders globally, 2018 has seen LGBTQ people under attack around the world. But the movement is woefully under-funded.”

– GiveOut Executive Director Rupert Abbott, and Sri Lankan activist and Executive Director of EQUAL GROUND Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

GiveOut’s Christmas appeal


GiveOut is launching its 2018 Christmas Appeal.

Help us to raise funds for LGBTQI activists all around the world this Christmas by giving a one-off gift, committing to becoming a regular monthly donor and spreading the word among friends and family.


16 October 2018

In October 2018, at its ‘Autumn Activate’ event at Altitude, Millbank Tower, GiveOut launched its first portfolio of grants to support LGBTQI activism around the world. Grant recipients were identified through a rigorous process of consultation, due diligence and vetting, working with existing activist-led organisations.


November 26, 2018

(LONDON)— GiveOut was honoured last week to welcome Malta’s Minister for European Affairs and Equality, Dr Helena Dalli, to a private dinner in London.

Minister Dalli briefed guests on Malta’s leadership on LGBTQI equality and human rights. The country was the first in Europe to ban so-called “conversion therapy”, changed the legal language used to refer to family relationships to make it gender-neutral, and legalised same-sex marriage in 2017.


November 20, 2018

GiveOut hosted a private dinner to celebrate the launch of The Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund. The dinner was donated by GiveOut’s corporate sponsor Camm & Hooper and was held at their incredible Six Storeys venue in Soho Square.


October 26, 2018

GiveOut launched The Suki Sandhu LGBTQI Asia Fund at a private dinner in Soho Square. In collaboration with Camm & Hooper, one of GiveOut’s corporate sponsors, the event was held at the incredible Six Storeys venue and was generously donated by the events management company. The Fund support activists all across Asia fighting to promote and protect the rights of LGBTQI people.


October 18, 2018

Launching our first portfolio of grants; establishing the Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund and Suki Sandhu LGBTQI Asia Fund; winning Third Sector ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ award 2018; and many more stories.


September 21, 2018

 International LGBTQI human rights charity GiveOut has won ‘Breakthrough of the Year’ at the Third Sector Awards, as it reaches nine months since registration as a charity in the UK.

The award recognises innovation in the UK charity sector and GiveOut was commended as a ground-breaking model for bringing new resources into the global LGBTQI movement. The charity raises and directs funds to activists around the world fighting for the equality and dignity of LGBTQI communities.


August 20, 2018

Events management company Camm & Hooper and LGBTQI charity GiveOut today announced a new corporate-charity partnership. 

Camm & Hooper will be providing GiveOut with free use of its Six Storeys venue in the centre of vibrant Soho. As part of the new partnership, the events specialists will also be fundraising for GiveOut and donating to support the charity in its work to raise funds for LGBTQI human rights activism worldwide.


August 1, 2018

GiveOut Trustee and public affairs expert Iain Anderson and former GiveOut team member Evan Doyle have dedicated their birthday celebrations to GiveOut. 

“Resources for LGBTQI causes worldwide are scarce and I was proud to have my birthday celebrations contribute to the movement ,” Iain said. “I hope this will inspire more people to fundraise for GiveOut in new and creative ways, and of course, to donate!”


July 24, 2018

GiveOut is proud to have been shortlisted for the Third Sector Awards 'Breakthrough of the Year' Award 2018! The award is designed to recognise and showcase innovation in the non-profit sector, be it in donor engagement, membership reach, an innovative model or much more. 


July 5, 2018

To help LGBTI people in Asia, a group in London has set up fundraising efforts to try and make a difference. The Suki Sandhu LGBTQI Asia Fund will give small grants to activists to improve the lives of LGBTQI people.


July 3, 2018

A new fund to support LGBTQI activism in Asia has been established, sponsored by Audeliss & INvolve Founder and CEO, Suki Sandhu, and managed by GiveOut.

Under 'The Suki Sandhu LGBTQI Asia Fund', grants will be provided to support activists working across Asia to improve the lives of LGBTQI people. GiveOut and Suki Sandhu are ambitious to grow the fund to at least £25,000 annually.


June 21, 2018

Rupert Abbott,  Executive Director of GiveOut, appeared on YourFM's 'Under the Rainbow' show, the Stockport radio station's flagship LGBT programme. Rupert discussed GiveOut's progress since registration, the Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund and the organisation's plans for the future.


June 4, 2018

LGBT charity Giveout has launched a new fund to support trans activism worldwide, which is being sponsored by trans businesswoman Antonia Belcher and her wife Andrea.


May 31, 2018

A brand new fund to support trans activism globally has been established, managed by the LGBTQI charity GiveOut and generously sponsored by trans businesswoman Antonia Belcher and her wife Andrea.

Under 'The Antonia & Andrea Belcher Trans Fund', small grants will be provided to support those activists and their organisations working across the world to improve the lives of trans people.

The fund will be worth at least £12,500 per year, though GiveOut and Antonia and Andrea Belcher are ambitious to grow the fund to more than £25,000 annually.


March 15, 2018

GiveOut held its first external event on Thursday 15th March 2018. The event was a great success! It was wonderful to see so many friends and partners there showing their support for GiveOut. 

Iain Anderson (left), Wanja Muguongo (centre) and Rachel Reese (right)

Iain Anderson (left), Wanja Muguongo (centre) and Rachel Reese (right)


March 13, 2018

Three new trustees have joined the Board of GiveOut, the new UK-based charity raising funds for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) causes worldwide.

The new trustees are: public policy and corporate communications expert Iain Anderson; queer African feminist and social justice activist Wanja Muguongo; and diversity, human resources and trans-inclusion specialist Rachel Reese.


February 23, 2018

The Human Rights House Foundation interviews GiveOut's Executive Director Rupert Abbott on his work at the Foundation and his new role with GiveOut.


February 10, 2018

Brighton’s GScene magazine writes about GiveOut’s charity registration and Rupert – a Brighton native – taking up the role of Executive Director.


January 17, 2018

New London based LGBTQI charity GiveOut has been given official charity status.

GiveOut aims to create a global environment where members of the LGBTQI community are safe from discrimination and violence.


January 17, 2018

(LONDON)— A new charity raising funds for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) causes worldwide has been established in the UK.

GiveOut will enable individual donors to give to a range of LGBTQI activists and organisations in a simple and engaging way.