OUTstanding nominations 2019 open with GiveOut named charity partner

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20 June 2019

Nominations have opened for the 7th annual global OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists celebrating business leaders who are driving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.

Despite progress within many companies, LGBT+ professionals are still experiencing obstacles in their careers. The OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists showcase and celebrate the LGBT+ and ally senior executives and the leaders of tomorrow who are working to combat these obstacles, break down barriers and drive diversity. 

While business is making progress, there is still so much work to do globally for LGBT+ rights. This year INvolve are delighted to announce GiveOut as the official charity partner for the OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists 2019.

GiveOut is working to create a sustainable source of funding for the global LGBT+ rights movement. Across the world, LGBT+ people face serious human rights abuses simply for being themselves. Courageous activists are doing vital work to protect and improve the lives of their communities, but they are under-resourced. GiveOut enables individuals and businesses to give in one place to support LGBT+ activist organisations around the world, ensuring they have more of the resources they need to campaign for equality.  

GiveOut already works alongside INvolve founder and CEO Suki Sandhu who sponsors ‘The Suki Sandhu LGBTQI Asia Fund’, supporting LGBT+ activism across Asia. As founder of the OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists, Suki is delighted to be able to bring more attention to the work of GiveOut.

“The OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists focus on those driving inclusion within business, but this is just one part of the push for change globally. GiveOut are doing incredible work supporting the activists and campaigners on the front line in the fight for LGBT+ rights. I am grateful for this opportunity to draw more attention to the essential work GiveOut and these individuals are doing for LGBT+ people around the world.”    

Rupert Abbott, Executive Director of GiveOut, is clear on the importance of Role Models in creating a movement for change.

“We are absolutely delighted to be the official charity partner for the OUTstanding lists of leading LGBT+ and ally executives. For us, this partnership is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible work many role models are doing to support LGBTQI equality externally - as well as in their workplaces - and to encourage others to follow their lead.”

With nominations for the OUTstanding LGBT+ Role Model Lists 2019 now officially open, anyone is able to nominate a business leader who is driving inclusion for LGBT+ people within their workplace or across wider society. 

Nominations can be in any of the following categories:

  • 100 LGBT+ Executives

  • 50 Ally Executives

  • 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders

  • 30 LGBT+ Public Sector Executives

For more information on this year’s OUTstanding Lists and to nominate an LGBT+ or Ally role model please visit the OUTstanding website.


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