The talisker coastal challenge



10 April 2019

A member of Diageo’s Rainbow Network, Francis Gatonga Theuri, aims to raise £5,000 for GiveOut, the UK-based charity raising funds to support activists campaigning to protect and promote the human rights of LGBTQI people worldwide. He will be taking part in the Talisker Coastal Challenge, a fundraising event organised by beverages company Diageo, on 16 May 2019.

I wanted to use the Talisker Coastal Challenge to give back to the activists making the world a better place
— Francis Gatonga Theuri

All around the world, LGBTQI people face appalling human rights abuses just for being themselves. But the activists working towards equality and dignity for their communities are underfunded and urgently need more resources. GiveOut was established to create a sustainable, long-term source of funding for activists to continue their important work.

Francis Gatonga Theuri said:

“I am one of the lucky ones that have overcome the self-hatred that comes from growing up believing that there is something wrong with me, a feeling that reinforced by laws and a society that stresses my identity or my sexuality as a hindrance to living a dignified life, positively contributing with a life of purpose. I am lucky to have survived and come out on the other side with acceptance and pride, but very many do not survive the journey. Some lose everything, including their lives. I wanted to use the Talisker Coastal Challenge to give back to the activists making the world a better place to be LGBTQI, so that everybody can know what’s it’s like to be yourself with equality and dignity.”


How to donate

To help sponsor Francis, visit Individuals will be able to choose whether Gift Aid can be claimed on their donation, meaning GiveOut – as a UK registered charity – can claim an extra 25p for every £1 given.

About Diageo’s Talisker Coastal Challenge


Every year, Diageo Great Britain gives its employees a chance to participate in a brilliant fundraising event, usually entailing a walking or walking and rowing challenge across a named terrain in the UK. So far, this challenge has raised £100,000 towards various charities in the countries and this year, there will be over 350 participants and over 100 volunteers. The event takes place on 16th May, covering marathon distance along England’s Jurassic Coast.


GiveOut  |  3rd Floor  |  Thomas Ford House  |  23-24 Smithfield Street London  |  EC1A 9LF

GiveOut is a charity registered in the UK with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (Registered Charity Number 1176434).